streaming vpn

There are two main reasons why a serious gamer would use a VPN service, the first is fear of a DDoS attack and secondly is the need for privacy especially when using a public connection such as WiFi. VPN services offer both security and anonymity by protecting the IP address and identity of a gamer.

The single most annoying aspect of using a VPN is lag time, it simply removes all the fun out of a game when you have you wait for five seconds for a game to load its images. IP Vanish is extremely reliable in terms of speed because it has a very powerful network architecture to ensure its users get the very best in terms of efficiency. It also offers user anonymity and security all at a reasonable price. Its only drawback would be that it does not support apple OS.

Another amazing VPN is EXPRESS VPN which is designed specifically for gaming. EXPRESS VPN maintains high speeds while ensuring security by protecting your identity by using 256 bit encryption and provides you with an SSL certificate if you wish. But what truly differentiates it from other VPN services is that it offers great customer service so that if you have any problem or query all you have to do is contact them and they will respond in a timely manner.

AIR VPN has several advantages such as offering real time user and server statistics, provides 256 bit encryption, keeps no user logs, provides a free trial and dynamic port forwarding. But what makes it special from most others is that it also accepts bit coin as a form of payment which creates even greater anonymity.

Vyper VPN is a free service with over 200,000 IP addressees that offers both great speed and security from DDoS and malware attacks and allows a gamer to access new games before they are released in their country as well as connect with their friends in different parts of the world.

With all the fact in, if I had to choose the best VPN for gaming I would go for AIR VPN because not only does it accept bitcoin but also offers the highest functionality both in terms of speed and anonymity all at a reasonable cost.