The Best Things One Can Do In San Francisco

San Francisco1

San Francisco is a big tourist attraction. Every year many people visit the United States, so make San Francisco a priority place to visit. A place that is perfectly suitable for tourists. A visitor can come across some of the best standard of items. It is advisable that you start your day a bit early in order to avoid any big rush. You can go to the Coit Tower present on top of the Telegraph Hill. It is a typical city view point. It does not have anything in particular about itself, but the view it provides of the entire city is worth watching. There are beautiful paintings inside the tower which are worth watching.

While getting down from the Coit tower, take the stairs. There are many stairs, but you can enjoy your way down by discussing the flora and fauna you just saw all around. The garden, beautiful houses and butterflies that you saw around can be discussed. Fisherman’s Wharf is indeed a splendid destination to see the amazing creatures such as sea lions. Afterwards, you can move to Stickton St. which is located on the North beach. There you have wonderful breakfast options available. Once you have proper breakfast, you are ready to discover the rest of the city in the remaining daytime.

The Golden Gate Bridge is the symbol of the city. It is one of the best specimens of engineering minds. The Golden Gate Park attracts many visitors. It has got a Victorian greenhouse and countless trees. If it is the baseball season, you must watch one match in the AT &T Park. Without a round of Alcatraz, your trip to San Francisco would be incomplete. Visit to know more details about the surrounding beauties or attractions of the city. This lively place is sure to catch your breath once you are here.