Why Should You Use Skype IP Resolver?

skype-resolver-main1Skype is great software for communicating with other people through the Internet. With Skype, you can chat through text and video/voice with other people at any part of the world. This software also has caused a problem to many individuals these days. Many Skype users have been the victim of spam abuse these days. If you are affected by spam messages, then you need to take action accordingly. First, you need to understand what an IP address is. It is nothing but a set of numbers assigned by the ISP to their internet customers.

As soon as you start your Internet connection, an IP address is assigned to your internet session. This IP address can tell details about the ISP and your geographical data. However, if you want exactly want to know who the owner of the IP address is, you need to ask the ISP. However, such action requires the order from the court. Knowing the IP address of the person, who sends you spam can help you take action against the spammer quickly. You can also block the spammer in Skype by blocking him or her through the contacts drown menu.

There are software options available to find out the IP address of the spammer or abuser. Such a software option is usually referred as IP resolver. To find out the IP address of the spammer, you need to use this software when the spammer is online. This process may take a few minutes, and you need to wait a little bit patiently. If this software does not find the IP address and shows any error result, then the spammer may have went offline. Usually, the spammers identify and target Skype users by your IP address. You can also change your IP address to prevent spammers’ abuse.

You can know more finding IP address by learning to use Skype IP resolver by browsing the Internet. There are many software products to help in this issue.